Consultation and Training

Consultation and Training

Dr. Ayres teaches, supervises, and consults with many established clinicians and psychiatry/psychology interns. For over 15 years, Dr. Ayres has taught the interpersonal psychotherapy seminar to psychiatry residents at Case Western Reserve University, UH Cleveland Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry. She is a Member, Certified Trainer, and Supervisor, of the International Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapy (isIPT) and a Certified Level E IPT Trainer and Fellow through the Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute. She has served as a consultant to the Veterans Affairs Healthcare Network training VA providers in IPT and as a research consultant/expert rater on group IPT for incarcerated individuals.

Dr. Ayres has given presentations at both the international and local levels on numerous mental health topics. She has been involved in research related to depression, eating disorders, group therapy with incarcerated individuals, trauma, interpersonal psychotherapy, premenstrual disorder and the needs of LGBT individuals attending college.

Consultation and training are available in interpersonal psychotherapy and other select mental health topics for health professionals seeking to enhance their practices.

Individual training in interpersonal psychotherapy involves consultation on three individual therapy cases with weekly meetings to discuss progress and adherence to the IPT framework. Completion of an IPT overview seminar is a prerequisite. Must be independently licensed. Certification in IPT is available to those interested in pursing individual training.

IPT Training Seminars can also be arranged for small groups. Time frames are usually 1-3 hour (introductory/overview) to 14 hour presentations (Level A training). Longer seminars include a combination of didactic training, skills practice, and video case presentations.

Please call the office if you would like individual or staff training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy or other mental health topic.