We all experience a wide range of challenging issues and situations over the course of life. How do you decide when you need assistance with symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, low mood, and poor concentration?

Why see a psychologist?
Perhaps there are issues you are facing at work or in relationships and you question whether you could use some professional help? It is your choice to take an active role in improving health and understanding or creating a change in your life. The time is always right to work on addressing those aspects of your health that seem to be troubling you.

Make the right choice for you.
As soon as you identify a need for assistance, Dr. Virginia Ayres is there to walk down the path with you, offering evidence-based treatment. If your family doctor currently prescribes mental health medication but you wonder whether taking the time to sort out your concerns would help, Dr. Ayres can assist you by collaborating with them or other professionals involved in your care.

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